Thursday, June 12, 2008

Youtube Meditation

One of the most intimidating sites on the internet is the Youtube homepage. Lurking behind that initial wall of featured and most watched videos lies an army of potential entertainment. Where to begin?

Lately I've been exploring new ways to find undiscovered videos. I like searching for videos with titles that include words or subjects I've been thinking about lately. I'm usually able to find something interesting within the first 10-20 videos that show up. From there I follow whatever interests me. letting my self get swept up in the video current. One of the things I find the most interesting is how quickly I tend to return to familiar videos. It's like a sixdegrees of separation game for neurons.

Anyhow here are a couple things I've stumbled upon lately. I can't tell you how I ended up at them, that kind of mapping is the hardest thing to accomplish on youtube and is usually pointless anyway.

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